New era for ADNZ

 New era for ADNZ add

What does the profession 'architectural designer' mean to you?

To most, there is probably little difference between an architectural designer, an architect, architectural technician and designer.

However ADNZ CEO Astrid Andersen is of the view there is much more awareness of the work of architectural designers. She says over the past five years, growing membership and on-going promotion and publicity of member's work has brought the industry body to a position of confidence and maturity.

"Architectural Designers are different from architects. They have different qualifications and a different governing body. They work on similar types of projects and have equal amounts of talent and ambition. ADNZ as an organisation has grown and matured alongside its members. I am watching architectural designers come out from under the shadow of architects, gain independence and grow as a professional group.

One of the greatest things we have done as an organisation is to help set architectural designers apart - give them their own grandstand and celebrate their work," says ADNZ CEO Astrid Andersen.

This week, ADNZ unveils a refreshed brand. The exercise of re-energizing the ADNZ logo and launching a new website has generated much discussion over what it means to be an architectural designer and how far the profession has come in the past few years.

"We have worked really hard to raise awareness of the work architectural designers do. They are creating some wonderful, progressive and exciting projects. For an organisation, representing such a talented bunch of people, we felt our logo needed to be elevated - to become more sophisticated and more aspirational - we hope we have achieved that," says Astrid.

In addition to the refresh of the ADNZ logo - the professional body has also created a new website better tailored at assisting people who are looking to build a home.

"Our new website is a fantastic tool for those looking to design and build their own home. You can browse through designers and read through industry advice. As well as assisting and matching potential clients to our members, our new website is more interactive - adding to the ADNZ membership experience," says Astrid.

Check out the new website and logo at