A home’s armour

A home’s armour add

A coastal Mt Maunganui home on a small, complex site that utilises an ingenious kiwi creation called ‘Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh’ has won the 2018 ADNZ | Resene Residential New Home between 150m2 and 300m2 Architectural Design Award.

Designed by Adam Taylor of Adam Taylor Architecture, the design ignores traditional seaside aesthetics, and instead embraces strong industrial structures and materials. It is located on one of the busiest roads in Mt Maunganui – an interesting mix of urban and coastal.

In a unique twist, the design strongly features the use of Kaynemaile amour, with the home’s left corner wrapped in the inventive material – this provides the home owner with privacy and intimacy, without disturbing the serene outlook to the ocean.

Sculptural and practical, Adam Taylor says the Kaynemaile adds many elements to the home.

“It provides a true solar screen and its interlinking nature gives it an ever-changing appearance. The brass tone of the mesh adds to the executive feel.”

ADNZ Judges agreed saying the Kaynemaile gave the design something extra - a special identity.

Kaynemaile was established in 2006 after its founder, Kayne Horsham, worked with traditional chainmail armour on the set of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. Taking chainmail out of the Iron Age and bringing it into the 21st Century, Horsham developed the lightweight Kaynemaile mesh to beautify and protect interior and exterior environments in an architectural sense.

In addition to Kaynemaile, Taylor selected brick for the primary cladding due to its hardiness, which suits the beach local. Instead of hiding the brick, Taylor has celebrated it. Dark cedar and fibre cement have also been used to provide a mix of black textures in just the right places.

Architectural Designers New Zealand CEO, Astrid Andersen, said it is thrilling to see a shift away from the usual beachside home often built in seaside towns.

“This home is truly exciting. It is industrial, bold and the use of Kaynemaile is creative. It is wonderful to see ADNZ designers taking on challenging concepts or new materials and creating something extraordinary. Well done Adam,” says Astrid.