Colour Inspiration with Resene

Colour Inspiration with Resene add

Resene are leaders in colour technology. They create colours that represent the times in which we live. New colours are influenced by both local and world-wide trends as well as movements.

We recently spoke with Resene Colour Expert and judge for the 2019 ADNZ Resene Colour in Design Award Rebecca Long.

Rebecca has been with Resene for over five years offering colourful, innovative and technical solutions to a variety of clients. She’s passionate about the industry and loves that she’s constantly surrounded by colour and inspiring people.

Resene Colour in Design Awards

The national 2019 ADNZ Resene Colour in Design Award went to Chris Wheeler of Hierarchy Architecture for his project Coffee Culture The Crossing. Rebecca was impressed by Coffee Culture’s stunning, neutral palette that evokes style, warmth and grace.

“The sophisticated palette carefully blends textures and sheens with gentle pops of colour to create a space full of charm.”

She was also impressed with the regional winners’ complex colour palettes and the way they enhanced the mood of the spaces.

“Relationships between colour, sheens and textures were outstanding and added such character to the architecture.”

What makes a good colour?

Rebecca loves colours full of depth, personality and purpose.

“Colour is such an incredible tool and can transform the mood and feel of any space. The best colours are chosen with your personality in mind.”

Why some shy away from bright colours?

Rebecca thinks people fear that bright colours may frighten future buyers, but says well-used statement colours are hugely memorable.

“I wouldn’t shy away from using them and if you’re keen to try something particularly wild, you can always paint over it at a later date. Your home is the one place you can really let loose – I encourage you to do so.”

Emerging colour trends you should be aware of?

Rebecca points out that with an increase in fast-paced lifestyles, colours are becoming more grounded and weathered as we seek comfort from our homes.

“Experiment with a variety of sun kissed terracottas, burnished browns and soothing, textural finishes. Layer natural textiles, introduce over-sized plants and experiment with fresh, soothing greens such as Resene Peace.”

Current most popular exterior and interior paints?

When it comes to exterior paint Rebecca suggests warm, versatile whites such as Resene Merino to give a fresh, white approach without appearing too stark. She also noted that Resene Porter has recently been released and is proving very popular.

“Resene Porter is a deep, slate charcoal with a soft edge that blends effortlessly into many environments.”

With regards to interior paint Rebecca says Resene Just Dance has been a popular choice this year and will continue through into summer.

“It’s sweet, peachy nature is the perfect blend of orange and pink.”

Rebecca’s favourite Colour?

“I have so many favourite colours. Resene Wild Thing would have to be one of my long-term favourites though – it has so much energy and joy!”

For more inspiration visit or contact your local Resene Architectural Representative directly.