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In issue six of Defign Magazine we showcase four of our favourite summer reads. These architecture books are perfect gifts for the designer in your family and look perfectly beautiful on the coffee table.

Eco Home – Smart ideas for sustainable New Zealand homes

Everything you need to know to build, renovate or just live in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. This is a book full of practical and accessible information for those keen to build eco-friendly, or simply with an interest in living more sustainably. It presents the modern home by moving from room to room, to look at structural materials, furnishings and general life hacks to improve your personal green-star rating. In a compact and colourful package, this book is both entertaining and informative. A must-have for all people with an eco-conscience.

The Anatomy of Sheds – New buildings from old tradition

Flicking through the pages of beautiful photos and personal stories, the reader is quickly aware that sheds are no longer the neglected buildings at the end of the garden. A collection of stylish sheds from around the world, this book covers many different styles of building, from traditional, eco-chic, log cabins, the humble storage shed, artist studio, holiday cabin or simply exciting examples of architecture. The stunning photographs are accompanied by informative captions to help the reader design and decorate their shed on a more practical level. This is the book to help you create an inspiring space.

Jim Olson: Building. Nature. Art

Seattle-based architect Jim Olson blends straight, clean architectural lines and curving natural scenery with such ease that one forgets they weren’t always in harmony. Over the course of a career spanning nearly 50 years, in collaboration with his partner Tom Kundig, he established a reputation or thoughtfully considered buildings that suit and enhance their locations. This up-to-date survey of Olson’s work, focusing chiefly on his buildings for art-collecting private clients and large-scale resorts, offers a stunning look at the career of a great American architect.

Aaron G. Green: Organic Architecture Beyond Frank Lloyd Wright

With over 400 pages of stunning photography, drawings and plans, this is an account of Aaron G. Green, a man who created buildings that enhanced their sites and retained the surrounding natural beauty – places one wants to be in. Taught and inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Green learned and adopted Wright’s philosophy of organic architecture. This book highlights some of his most memorable and influential works – a tribute to an extraordinary career and the practice of organic architecture.