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Defign Magazine Issue Five is out now. Here are the top reads defign magazine recommends for all lovers of design and architecture...

Wood Houses
Words: Konemann

Stunningly presented, Wood Houses is a visual symphony of wooden architectural structures in a range of settings - urban, rural and seaside - large and small, public and private. Over 500 pages of striking images of extraordinary wooden design. There's also a section on furniture and a comprehensive catalogue of wood types. Wood has been used throughout history as a construction material with constant research and innovative developments to mitigate issues of durability and strengthen the role of wood as a sustainable product. Increasingly engineered wood products are becoming a bigger part of the construction industry whether for aesthetic or structural use. Many hours of pleasure to be gleaned.

Building Community: New Apartment Architecture
Words: Michael Webb

Globally there is an urgent need to build more, better designed apartments to relieve an acute shortage of affordable housing in major cities, to use land more economically, to revitalise urban centres. In this beautifully presented book Michael Webb traces the evolution of the modern apartment building through the 20th century and explores 30 recent apartment projects from around the globe, ranging from low-rise urban villages to terraced towers. Linking them all is a creative approach to sharing space - a desire to find new and enriching ways of balancing privacy with community.

Case Studies of Contemporary Architecture
Words: Àlex Sánchez Vidiella

This comprehensive anthology presents noteworthy case studies that showcase a complete and diverse range of structures worldwide and provides us with a global perspective of contemporary architecture. The case studies incorporate every type of architectural project possible - residential, commercial and public - making this lushly illustrated, information-rich book an accessible resource for anyone interested in contemporary architecture. In order to build up a detailed picture of the influences on contemporary architecture today, every case study presents its unique objectives, challenges, and solutions featuring full-colour photographs and detailed renderings of site and floor plans.

Container Atlas: A Practical Guide to Container Architecture
Edited by: Prof. Han Slawik, Julia Bergmann, Matthias Buchmeier and Sonja Tinney

In recent times containers have become a modern architectural phenomenon - they are modular, affordable and internationally available. Increasingly we see them being used as temporary structures - pavilions, galleries and bars as well as sophisticated homes and offices. Container Atlas presents a wide range of container architecture projects along with an in-depth look at the history of the container and its evolution. It is a practical and inspirational reference not only for architects and engineers but also for all creatives eager to learn about the rich and diverse language of container architecture and modular building.