Design and social media go hand in hand

Design and social media go hand in hand add

To inspire the masses is a hefty task - but with architectural and interior design dominating the pages of high-end magazines, lifestyle blogs and now Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms - it is a job that must be added to the role of architectural designer.

The thirst for the latest design trends and 'must haves' is obvious - with thousands of Facebook pages and Instagram handles dedicated to sharing all things beautiful. Never before has it been so easy to showcase your design work to a captive and engaged audience.

So how do architectural designers and architects make the most of this rewarding opportunity? Here are defign's top tips...

Get a strategy

Before you begin - get a plan together. What are your goals? What platforms are you going to use? Who is your target audience? What content do you have? What content can you produce? How are you going to measure success?

Don't be a wallflower

Now is not the time to be shy. Be proud of your work and put it out there for all to see. You are right, not everyone is going to like it, but even the greatest artists have their critics. Be bold.

Practice your photography skills

Good imagery makes all the difference when sharing inspirational content. Some of the best Instagram handles are built on gorgeous photography that illuminates a design project into a different orbit.

Set the scene

Think about sharing a lifestyle. Just because you are sharing steel, brick and wood, doesn't mean people can't take front and centre. At the end of the day - homes house people.

Get creative

If you don't like how a client has styled their home, or it doesn't fit your brand - don't share it. Showcase a snippet of what you love. Just because you have designed a whole house doesn't mean you have to share all the images to capture the home in its entirety - just show off the best bits.

Advertise yourself

Reconsider how you are spending your annual advertising budget. Social media gives designers a whole new cost-effective platform to advertise projects and business to the masses. With targeting, tracking and measurement - advertising on social media can be carefully managed to provide a good return on investment.


If you don't know how to use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for business - you need to learn. Do online research, follow designers who do it well, attend training and ask for help from people in the know.

If you want to own your social media space - whether it's improving what you already have or starting from scratch - ADNZ is running an exciting workshop in early 2018 presented by the award winning social media team behind defign blog and ADNZ's social media presence.

Specifically designed for architects and architectural designers, in all stages of their social media lifecycle - ADNZ's workshop will enlighten, inform and give you the tools to take your media and promotion into your own hands.

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