Designer Profile - Joseph Long

Designer Profile - Joseph Long add

Joseph Long is one of the faces behind successful Silverdale Practice LTD Architectural, and has enjoyed being a member of ADNZ for the last three years.

This week Defign sat down with him to hear about his career so far, and his work on the Hibiscus Coast.

Joseph's design journey began back in high school, where graphics and woodwork were the only subjects that sparked his interest. Fuelled by these passions, he went straight to Unitec after year 12, enrolling in the NZCAD course.

"Study was a really enjoyable experience for me. I never regretted going down that path, I was just very eager to get out working as soon as I could. Initially I toyed with the idea of doing a degree in Architecture, but I was more interested in the technical side of things."

After graduating, Joseph went on to work for Sovereign Homes, gaining experience as an Architectural Technician and then as a senior Architectural Designer. He went out on his own in 2008, setting up LTD Architectural where he worked mostly on alteration and addition projects in the Hibiscus Coast area. After a year, David Maurice came on board and soon joined Joseph as a director of the practice.

For Joseph, setting up the Silverdale practice is the most memorable point in his career so far. It's grown to include seven staff. While David largely manages the design side of things, Joseph takes charge of the working drawings.

"We are quite collaborative with our approach. We work on things together, it's a real team effort. Setting up this practice and establishing ourselves here has been a real highlight for me. We've grown a lot over the last five or six years, to the point we're now the biggest practice in the area and are pretty well respected."

Joseph's work is focussed largely on residential design, specialising in coastal and lifestyle properties.

"That being said, we are also doing quite a bit of multi-unit work. Not really apartments, but more terraced housing, which doesn't necessarily fit the coastal or lifestyle mould, but it's just the direction the coast is heading in from a design perspective."

He particularly enjoys the coastal designs because they are an opportunity to make the most of the stunning outlook the area is blessed with.

"We are really spoilt for beautiful landscapes, and with that as a base, the houses often turn out really well because of their location. I'm always trying to complement the land and the environment, and I suppose that's what keeps me going."

Joseph says the team has a few interesting projects in the pipeline, including more multi-unit homes, and several houses in Whisper Cove - a local beach front subdivision. Plus, David and Joseph are also both working on their own homes.

"It's actually really difficult to do. I think when you've got so much going on in your head about things you have seen and liked, it gets a bit cloudy. When it's your own place you're way more emotionally involved. You know too much about yourself and your family, and that's what makes it hard."

Joseph has been a member of ADNZ for three years and says he really benefits from the comradery the organisation offers.

"The general vibe of ADNZ is friendly and approachable, and the opportunity is there to learn quite a lot off each other. As a practice we really enjoy the ADNZ | Resene Architectural Design Awards and getting to showcase a bit of our work."

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See above for a couple of examples of Joseph's work, or check out his profile.