Lessons from a Master

Lessons from a Master add

It was an opportunity not to be missed - an exclusive Masterclass with award-winning architect Pete Bossley, and talented artist Miriam Van Wezel. Last weekend seven Architectural Designers New Zealand members made their way to Braemar Station Shearers Lodge in Tekapo where they were treated to an intensive two-day programme with the well-known pair.

This week, Defign sat down with ADNZ Member Biz Boyle to hear all about it.

Biz has more than 20 years' experience in Design and Construction. He runs Eco Workshop Architectural Studio which is based in Dunedin. Passionate about his work, Biz has a particular interest in solar passive eco designs.

Biz says he first heard about the Masterclass at this year's ADNZ conference where it piqued his interest immediately.

"Pete Bossley is someone I admire, so his Masterclass was not something I was going to miss."

Pete Bossley and Miriam van Wezel explored the critical role of drawing with the attendees, and looked at how it contributes to an architectural designer's development of an understanding and response to a site. They encouraged the group to look at the links between drawing and ideas, and how drawing helps to generate architecture.

"Sketching is not something that I'm particularly good at, so I threw myself into it and decided not to be scared of it."

Held in a particularly beautiful part of New Zealand - Braemar Station Shearers Lodge in Lake Tekapo - Biz says the natural environment was particularly relevant to the topics they explored.

"It was great to get into a quiet natural space. You would think you need to be in a built environment, but the unbuilt environment was fantastic. We had conversations about trying to bring nature into design, and the idea that really struck me was that it's important to stay quite fluid and not get bogged down too much in detail of a project. I've learned not to get caught up in hard lines in the early stages of a development."

Open to only a small group, there were ten attendees, including seven ADNZ members. Biz says he really valued the opportunity to be immersed in the experience with like-minded architects and architectural designers. He says the opportunity to have his work critiqued by Miriam and Pete was incredibly valuable.

"They're both very positive teachers. Their critiquing made you look at your work, and other peoples work from a completely different perspective."

Overall, Biz says he wouldn't have missed the Masterclass. He describes it as a totally absorbing and invigorating experience, and says it is something he would recommend to his colleagues if the opportunity ever came up again. He also believes it will have a future impact on his work and creative process.

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