Making the Grade

Making the Grade add

New Zealand has its fair share of building standard failings.

Currently the rise in cheap imported, unlicensed, unregulated plumbing products is making the news. The leaky homes crisis, of the late 90s, continues to cause construction and legal nightmares. The Canterbury earthquakes have shaken out failings in residential building foundations and rumblings in the local sector suggest a spate of under code post-earthquake repairs about to emerge.

That's why if you are about to undertake any design and/or building work, choosing qualified, registered professionals is critical.

Every home and building designed by an ADNZ Professional Member comes with an expectation that it will meet a stringent set of high performance standards. To become a Professional Member of ADNZ, applicants undertake a rigorous assessment process.

Around the country, a specialised group of ADNZ members are charged with taking applicants through this process. This week defign sat down with Trevor Wilson to get a better understanding of how ADNZ members make the grade.

Trevor has more than 20 years architectural experience and is director of residential practice Architecture 37 Ltd, based in Auckland. He was approached nearly two years ago by ADNZ CEO Astrid Andersen to consider taking on an assessor role.

"The assessment process aims to remove subjectivity by employing an evidence based process," says Trevor.

"The focus is on the applicant being able to provide evidence their work meets certain benchmarks and that they can present evidence and documentation to the standard that is expected."

"There are about 15 assessors throughout New Zealand who service their local regions. There is a real variety of people doing the role. I think what we all have in common is, that as well as being gatekeepers for ADNZ, we are all professional, practicing designers. We take a pride in being representatives for the organisation and ensuring that all our members perform in a professional and highly competent way. Clients working with ADNZ members can rest assured their designs will meet high quality standards. That is reassuring for anyone embarking on a building project, however small or large the scale of the job."

If you want to know more about ADNZ's ethics and standards or to view a list of ADNZ accredited professional members visit