Practice Profile: Curtis Architecture

Practice Profile: Curtis Architecture add

Casey Curtis launched Curtis Architecture in 2017 with her husband Adam. In only a few short years, the business has grown to a team of five, with more growth planned for 2019. A mother of two small children and a business owner, Casey is proud to stand aside more and more young women making a mark in the New Zealand architecture industry. This week Defign sat down with Casey to find out how she manages to juggle it all, what defines her design style and about her aspirations for the future of her practice and career.

Tell us about your practice?
Curtis Architecture predominately takes on a wide range of residential projects. From small renovations, to big extensions. Small homes through to high end architecture. We also help clients with internal fit outs of commercial spaces, like gyms and offices. At Curtis Architecture we are passionate about providing a truly client focused process and solution. Our aim, in all areas of business, is to work only for and in the best interest of our clients, both personally and financially. We ensure our clients a successful project outcome by following the three C’s - Client focused, Collaboration and Communication.

What projects are you most interested in and why?
I am most interested in projects that provide a challenge. Usually those projects are on unusual or complex sites or have very tight budgets. A project which pushes us to find well thought-out and creative solutions crucial to the project’s feasibility are certainly the most interesting.

Tell us about your team?
I work with my husband Adam but we each have set areas of the business we work in. Adam’s role is mostly in finance, marketing and admin, while I am a qualified Architectural Designer, leading the design team. We are a team of five, plus additional contract staff as required. We employ three full time Architectural Designers and a full-time administrator. We are currently looking to expand our team to ensure we can maintain a high level of service to our clients.

As a woman, what’s it like to be a business owner in a male dominated industry?
Being a woman and a business owner is really great. Due to the power and popularity of social media platforms, women are empowered and inspired daily by others sharing their personal and business journeys.
While the architecture industry is historically male dominated, there are more women, like me, making their mark. It’s both exciting and powerful to see such a passionate bunch of ladies in leadership roles throughout the country.

You are a mum of two small children, how do you juggle business and home life?
Being a mum and running a business, has got to be the single biggest struggle. I don’t think there is ever a perfect balance. The ‘mum guilt’ never quite goes away no matter the situation. I have found it best to accept the fact that ‘mum guilt’ and the consistent desire to find the ’perfect balance’ for our family will always be a challenge. Nothing in life is ever perfect and neither are we. We do what’s right for us at any given time and that is all that matters. Owning your decisions and reminding yourself of the reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing always seems to set my mind back on the right track. If you’re a mum, juggling business and home life – you got this – own it – keep being brilliant!

Where do you see your practice in five years’ time?
Within the next few years our aim is to continue what we are currently doing and do it well. Continually improve our systems so we can provide the best service to our clients. Further to that we would love to expand further into the commercial sector and interior architecture. Widen our horizons and see where opportunities may take us.