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Imagine being able to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and shut yourself off from the outside world while being totally immersed in nature. It sounds costly, timely and near impossible, but PurePods have managed to create a truly striking hide-out. nestled in private bushland less than an hour away from Christchurch City.

PurePods is a compact and unique 20 sqm all glass pod situated in the heart of Little River. All glass means just that - roof, floor and three sliding walls are all glass.

Designed to be both sustainable and luxurious, PurePods combines the benefits of camping with the comfort of a hotel. The location ensures total privacy while providing guests with all the little indulgences of a hotel stay; a comfy bed, a kitchenette and an ensuite but with a distinctive twist. Completely shut off from the outside world - there is no WiFi, no TV, and very little mobile coverage - meaning guests become totally immersed in the environment.

CEO of PurePods, Paul Sapsford, says that the concept of PurePods was created in response to the question - how can we get as close to pure NZ as possible?

"We came up with the idea in order to deliver total immersion into nature. We wanted all five senses to be activated and PurePods definitely achieves this. With the extreme nature of the New Zealand climate, PurePods allows you to be close to nature while keeping you safe from the elements, it is a private cocoon set amongst stunning scenery," says Paul.

The pod is almost entirely self-sustaining, using solar panels to generate the electricity and water supply, while the biofuel burner provides heating on a cold night. The rainwater is directed to the plants growing beneath the pod, and only organic cleaning products are used. Where possible every effort has been made to use sustainable resources, ensuring the pod does little to make a footprint on the environment.

With the option to add on a food platter for two, or make the most of the gas cooking hob or outdoor barbeque, there is no reason to leave the beautiful surroundings and venture back into the local town. Instead, guests can leave their worries behind and unwind, with only the sights and sounds of the native bush to distract them.

As part of ADNZ's 2015 Conference in Christchurch - attendees have been invited to tour the PurePod. Paul Sapsford says he hopes members will enjoy the concept. He also looks forward to hearing what designers have to say about the design from both an emotional and a practical perspective.

The tour will also include a visit to the spectacular and award winning 'RockHill Residence', a tour of the innovative SiloStay accommodation and a walk through Ohinetahi Gardens with Sir Miles Warren.

For more information on PurePods head to their website http://www.purepods.com/, or to book your seat at the ADNZ conference click here