Restorations impress

Restorations impress add

A garden centre, the Dunedin Town Hall, an office space and a reinvented historic blacksmith were all recognised at this year's Otago / Southland ADNZ | Resene Architectural Design Awards. What is all the fuss about? Let's take a look!

The Smithy by Reece Warnock of Warnock Architecture is located in Outram, and won the Architectural Design Award for a Residential New Home between 150m2 and 300m2.

Once the home of a historic blacksmith, Reece Warnock effortlessly combined contemporary cool with the past. The Smithy manages to pay tribute to its history while maintaining its own identity. The judges noted that a difficult challenge was overcome when ensuring that the new residence didn't dominate over the smithy, but rather complimented the design.

Nichol's Garden Centre by Brent Alexander of The Design Studio is located in Dunedin, and won the Commercial/Industrial Architectural Design Award.

By looking at the Nichol's Garden Centre it would be impossible to guess the site had once housed a 1970's diesel workshop. The seamless transformation into a bright and fresh garden centre complete with a cafe is the result of a smart, no-nonsense design. The judges were impressed with the sense of character the design had achieved, and its ability to allow for an expansion.

Dunedin Town Hall by Julian O'Sullivan of Opus Architecture, located in Dunedin, won the Commercial Interior Architectural Design Award - sponsored by GIB

With a project of such substantial civic importance, it was imperative that the $45m project of redeveloping the Dunedin Town Hall was done so with care and consideration for its historic origins, and its future purpose helping serve the Dunedin community. The difficult challenge of combining the Municipal Chambers, original Town Hall and the Dunedin Hall to become a single integrated venue was achieved by a clever and innovative design. Its beautifully upgraded interior was commended by the judges who deemed it an appropriate and sumptuous revitalisation befitting its place in the Dunedin community.

Ravensdown New Office & Amenities Building by Julian O'Sullivan of Opus Architecture, located in Dunedin won the Resene Colour in Design Award

When a new office and amenities building for Ravensdown was required, the opportunity for a robust building that could stand up to the rigors of the environment arose. The design and build enabled for a bright and vibrant space that exceeded expectations, while providing a functional office space. The judges were impressed with the accent of colour throughout the building, noting that it enhanced the energetic feel of the design.

Architectural Designers New Zealand CEO, Astrid Andersen, said that the Otago and Southland regions are always home to outstanding historic restorations and this year was no exception.

"ADNZ is proud to have members working on iconic historic restoration projects like the redevelopment of the Dunedin Town Hall as well as smaller innovative projects that will only further enrich the region. Well done to all the winners."