Storehouse success

Storehouse success add

If you enjoy coffee, you will have likely heard of Allpress Espresso – a New Zealand business success story that grew from a coffee cart in Auckland to sharing coffee with 1000s of cafes around the world.

Dunedin designer, Hamish McCaul of ArchiDesign, was fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with Allpress on the development of their storehouse. So impressive was the work on the Allpress Toyko inspired building, it won a 2018 regional ADNZ | Resene Architectural Design Award.

The need for the storehouse was raised in 2016, as the Allpress Café and Roastery in Dunedin had run out of room and the Allpress team had become tired of using off-site storage solutions. A decision was made to build a storehouse on the existing car park.

“Early in the discussion the Allpress Toyko building became the design inspiration for the storehouse. The Tokyo building was once an inner-city timber merchants and had an open, slatted façade to allow airflow for seasoning the timber. Allpress like to have some consistency across their locations and the Tokyo building is old but purposeful which adds a timeless quality to it. With this in mind, and a desire to maximise the footprint, we developed our design,” says Hamish.

The design is a radical shape that consists of two facades – an industrial façade to the west and an east façade that faces the residential side of the street. On the industrial side AchiDesign has selected dark concrete block and cedar battening that follows the curvature of the road, while on the residential side the building is clad in vertical Stria and cedar – a nod to the Japanese timber merchants.

“I love the shape of the building. The curve on one side, the angled recess on the other side and the way the roof cuts across it,” says Hamish.

Visually the storehouse captures attention, but it also had to be functional and solve a huge problem for Allpress – it’s lack of space. The triangle design with one curved side might not seem immediately practical, but it allowed for 100% of the available site to be utilised.

“This building has allowed Allpress to continue to grow their South Island customer base. There's more space for the day to day operations of the roastery and café, and generally it's a better place to work. Staff satisfaction is a big part of working for Allpress Espresso.

“As a storehouse, functionality was an absolute priority. The ground floor is designed for heavy storage of 70kg bags of raw coffee beans. The slab is 150mm thick designed to allow for regular van deliveries and pallet movements by a forklift. Key to the functionality was the connection between the storehouse and the roastery. Vans are able to deliver right to the heart of the operation, with raw beans moved through the hub to the roaster and then the roasted product is bagged and packed and ready to be loaded directly onto the van,” says Hamish.

In addition to the ground floor hub, an upper floor provides space for light weight storage of packing materials. There is also an office, meeting space and outdoor entertaining area.

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