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Win the Perfect Gift add

It's that time of year again - the countdown to Christmas begins! But what will you put under the tree for your favourite architect or architectural designer? Don’t worry - we've got you covered with this great list of must-haves!

Here at Defign, we're feeling rather generous this year, so each week leading up to Christmas, we'll be giving away one of these gifts to a lucky reader - keep an eye on our Facebook page for details!

Blunt Umbrella

The engineering and design will seriously appeal to the Architectural Designer in your life. A practical gift - this handy Kiwi invention seeks to stamp out flimsy umbrellas for good! Gone are the days when your umbrella flipped itself inside out as it battled the elements, and the many times you've had to replace it only to break the new one in the next big gust. The team at Blunt think umbrellas should be indispensable instead of disposable, so they redesigned it and came up with the Blunt umbrella. They looked at the umbrella's weak points, and strengthened them, coming up with a whole new canopy design that’s unflappable even in the worst weather. A must-have for anyone who has ever lost an umbrella to New Zealand's notoriously unpredictable weather.

Bungalow: From Heritage to Contemporary - by Nicole Stock with Photography by Patrick Reynolds.

A fascinating read and great gift for anyone interested in New Zealand's unique architectural history. The classic bungalow has been lived in and loved by generations of Kiwis, and this book explores the many different styles and features of these iconic homes. These are houses full of character, captured beautifully by photographer Patrick Reynolds. This is a real celebration of our history, looking at the bungalow from its roots, right through to its place in the present.

Lego Architecture Studio

Just because you're a grown up now doesn't mean Lego isn't fun anymore! This set is quite different to the ones you'll remember from your younger years and was designed with architects and designers in mind. It comes with 1,200 bricks and a 250 page manual for building inspiration - including some designs by well-known architects. One of the main differences between this set and the original sets is that the colours are gone. No more yellow figurines and colourful blocks, this set is strictly professional with white and transparent pieces only. Lego Studio is a great tool for taking your designs from paper to reality - plus, who doesn't secretly still love Lego?

Brevillier Creta Passion Sketch Box Set of 25

Perfect for anyone who loves to sketch - this beautifully presented set features a variety of tools including charcoal pencils, a nero pencil, a chalk pencil, sanguine oil and dry pencils. Cretacolor products are recognised worldwide for their high quality and superiority. This set is a real luxury gift for the architect or architectural designer in your life who likes to get their ideas down on paper. You can purchase a set from our favourite art supplier