The solution for our biggest cities?

The solution for our biggest cities? add

Medium and high density housing could be one solution to New Zealand’s housing and affordability crisis. It provides an innovative answer to the increasing space issues faced by many of New Zealand’s growing cities. And when done well, medium and high density housing fosters better community relationships and a greater level of sustainability. It is a practical option for those who seek more affordable housing, close to the inner city, but with more space than they might find in a traditional unit.

The role of the architectural designer or architect in the success of medium and high density housing is essential. Well-designed medium and high density housing promotes better living and better wellbeing for its occupants. If high density housing is not accompanied by good design, it can poorly impact communities. Working out how to achieve this balance ultimately falls on the shoulders of the design community to drive innovation and to get creative about the potential of communal and higher density living.

As a leading membership organisation, Architectural Designers New Zealand, understands the importance of promoting medium and to high density housing and how education of the industry will contribute to the greater success and a recognised future for medium and high density housing in New Zealand. On 1st and 2nd of April, in Auckland, ADNZ will be tackling these big issues, at the 2020 Medium to High Density Housing Summit. Bringing together leading minds on the topic from New Zealand and Australia, the summit will explore how best to build smaller, sustainable, smartly designed, higher density communities with positive shared spaces.

Julie-Ann Ross, ADNZ’s Board Chair, says the Summit is an opportunity for members and industry to push the boat out to see what is possible.

“Let’s learn from the best to find out what design and planning principles are required to make the most out of medium to high-density design. The demand is already here, so as leaders, we need to ensure we are pushing boundaries and staying ahead of innovations in this constantly evolving space. ADNZ are absolutely committed to educating our members and the broader design industry on the benefits of higher density housing. Exposing our members to a comprehensive range of Summit speakers will ensure they are up to date, skilled and are at the forefront of complex housing design and planning ideas. This is even more important following the Government’s announcement in February declaring a renewed investment in social housing”

Julie-Ann says there are multiple reasons that medium and high density housing works so well and encourages anyone who has a stake in bettering New Zealand’s housing to come along and learn from the very best in the industry.

“It is an important topic for our country and one that our industry needs to be aware of and fully understand. We have a duty to our clients to be skilled in this area and ensure flourishing housing developments for our communities now and in the future,” says Julie-Ann.

Speakers at the ADNZ Medium to High Density Housing Summit include Michael Bishop, Senior Policy Advisor for NSW Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Dr Natalie Allen, Director The Urban Advisory, Pete Bossley, Architect and Director Bossley Architects, Jason Twill, Director Urban Apostles and many more.

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