Inside Matters

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Interior design can have a profound and significant impact on our day to day interactions. Interiors influence the way we conduct our work, the way we relax and socialise, and the way we feel about the places we go.

This week Defign sat down with ADNZ member Grant Watson, who as well as architecture, specialises in interior design, to talk about his work and the importance of good interiors.

Chris Johnson Design

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Defign is all about promoting good design - and that includes innovative lighting solutions.

This week we spoke to Industrial Designer Chris Johnson about his furniture and lighting designs.

A Glimpse of Paradise

A Glimpse of Paradise add

This year's issue of Defign magazine looks at some of the top recent designs from ADNZ members. One of those featured is the 'Marina Point' house in Denarau, Fiji, which was designed by Greg Young of Young Architects. It's the first ever international winner in the ADNZ | Resene Architectural Design Awards.

Coming up in Defign

Coming up in Defign add

It's an exciting week for us here at Defign - as the second edition of Defign magazine hits the shelves.

This week, we sat down with editor Adrienne Anderson, to hear all about why she feels this issue is even better than the last.