Making the Grade

Making the Grade add

New Zealand has its fair share of building standard failings.

Currently the rise in cheap imported, unlicensed, unregulated plumbing products is making the news. The leaky homes crisis, of the late 90s, continues to cause construction and legal nightmares. The Canterbury earthquakes have shaken out failings in residential building foundations and rumblings in the local sector suggest a spate of under code post-earthquake repairs about to emerge.

Expecting the unexpected

Expecting the unexpected add

According to Keni-Duke Hetet, to be the designer you want to be and produce the work you really want to be doing 'you have to be brave and push the boundaries'.

The Thick of It

The Thick of It add

Working in Christchurch city has its challenges. It's dusty, broken and loud. The noises of buildings going up, and those coming down, have become the soundtrack to the working day. In amongst the clangs and shaking ground there are also moments of serenity. The now very clear skyline gives you a fantastic outlook to the Port Hills and the liveliness of the construction zone provides you with constant entertainment.

Blue turns to Gold

Blue turns to Gold add

Applying his expert eye in the use of colour and materials, Cymon Allfrey was awarded the SUPREME Resene Colour in Design Award at this year's ADNZ | Resene Architectural Design Awards for his work on EPL - a top polymer and rubber extrusion company in Christchurch.