Village People

Village People add

The ability to work from home - and separate work off - close to the city, amenities, park and 'something a little bit different' was designer Campbell Johnson’s checklist for a home when he returned to New Zealand.

Te ara o Rata

Te ara o Rata add

Te ara o Rata translates into English as 'the pathway of Rata' or 'the pathway of architecture' and references the responsibilities and values that many Māori architects and designers adhere to from before a project starts and through its lifetime.

Seeking the Solutions

Seeking the Solutions add

Rapid urbanisation, unprecedented population growth and unaffordable housing issues are solvable, and we can gain valuable insights if we look beyond New Zealand for effective solutions.

Rivalling the Suburban Dream

Rivalling the Suburban Dream add

For New Zealand to be successful in medium density housing development, we need to have examples which are just as seductive as the kiwi suburban dream.