Practice Profile: Macfie Architectural

Practice Profile: Macfie Architectural add

Husband and wife team, Michael and Rebecca Macfie, are the talent behind architectural firm Macfie Architectural in Auckland. In this defign blog we spoke to Michael about their practice, their signature style of high ceilings and exposed trusses and what they bring to the architecture sector.

Super Street Arcade

Super Street Arcade add

A total of 5,098,711 aliens were destroyed in 2018, in more than 127,000 games of ‘Space Raiders’. These games were not played sitting in front of a computer screen – they were instead played out using an oversized joystick, situated at the intersection of two busy streets, on a 5m-wide screen mounted to the side of a building. Architectural designer Pippin Wright-Stow of F3 Design was one of the street arcade’s masterminds.

Our 2019 Judges

Our 2019 Judges add

Judging of the 2019 ADNZ Resene Architectural Design Awards will begin in June 2019. For many of the ADNZ members who enter, it is an opportunity to showcase their incredible talent to New Zealand, while also receiving recognition from peers and industry. With entries to the awards closing on Thursday 9 May, Defign spoke to the 2019 judging panel to gain insight into their judging process and what they consider an award-winning design.

Sea Call

Sea Call add

How do you convince your out of town family to visit you more often? One sure way is to build a beautiful bach that will act as a magnet, a call to return home. Or even better – ask your son to build it.

Pockets of Gardens

Pockets of Gardens add

A suburb in Christchurch, renowned for its prestigious villas, has welcomed a new addition to the neighbourhood: A modern, very cool, black and white single-story barn home designed by Barry Connor of Barry Connor Architectural Design.