The Hangar

The Hangar add

Jason Higham of Higham Architecture has boldly gone where no designer has gone before in the outlying Christchurch suburb of West Melton.

Photography by Stephen Goodenough

House of angles

House of angles add

To be living in a finished home is a great achievement for ADNZ Member Ben Gilpin, on completion of his second own home design project.

Fendalton’s ranch

Fendalton’s ranch add

The opportunity to rebuild on an established section among protected trees and expansive gardens has sparked a passion for mid-century atomic ranch design, for both designer and client.

High Up Performer

High Up Performer add

An opportunity to downsize and a shift in thinking has resulted in a little home on a steep hill, making a bold statement in smaller living.

Photography by Stephen Entwisle

Long line living

Long line living add

From just the two of them, to filled with family, this elegant beach house fits with its owners and the dramatic landscape of Whangamatā Harbour.