Bright ideas

Bright ideas add

Light in our homes - artificial and natural - has moved beyond its patent purpose. While many of the core functions in designed spaces delight the imagination such as illumination, revelation of form, or directing focus, they are still only the beginning of why lighting has such a glowing reputation - pun intended.

Challenging the comfort zone

Challenging the comfort zone add

There have been two prevailing narratives for some time now that unite women worldwide. Of course, there are many others, but these two in particular have seen many lend their voice to the cause. They are: women can do it all, but more importantly they certainly don’t have to in order to fulfil the definition of ‘success’, which is an arbitrary concept anyway. And, postnatal depression doesn’t discriminate.

Pushing the envelope

Pushing the envelope add

There is a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement amongst this year’s Architectural Designers New Zealand (ADNZ) judges as they unanimously agree the 2018 entries - substantially higher in number than 2017 - have an impressive energy and quality.

A maker mentality

A maker mentality add

Having King Country Highland to roam around and build underground huts and tree houses is a fitting introduction to architecture, or so it would seem. It’s certainly true in Will Tatton’s case.