Parallels from History

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Dr Jessica Halliday is intrigued - she's heard the London bomb sites that were rebuilt on after the blitz have already been demolished and rebuilt on again. "You’ve really got to wonder - why is that? What was wrong with those buildings? Is it just that that they weren't there long enough to be saved by the right generation?"



Dr Ryan Reynolds, one of the founders of the Gap Filler initiative in Christchurch, makes a convincing argument that good design does not necessarily mean designing for the conveniences of modern life.

It could even be viewed as bad design.

Pure Design

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Imagine being able to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and shut yourself off from the outside world while being totally immersed in nature. It sounds costly, timely and near impossible, but PurePods have managed to create a truly striking hide-out. nestled in private bushland less than an hour away from Christchurch City.

Shaw is Art!

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Christchurch's Street Art has become an integral part of the city's rebirth - injecting a much needed blast of colour, youth and movement into some static and lonely parts of the inner city. In this week's defign we speak to one of street arts greatest influencers - George Shaw of Oi You!