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In issue seven of Defign Magazine we showcased four of our favourite architectural reads. These architecture books make a perfect gift for the designer in your family and are the ideal addition to the coffee table.

Architects at Home by John W. Mutlow

A visual tour of the homes of some of the world’s best-known architects – their personal and private environments. Each one a uniquely designed project that provides insight into how they marry trends with their own personal philosophy, and how they inject interior design flair into their own contemporary domain.

Combining rich photography and spectacular imagery with an incisive summary by a leading architecture specialist, Architects at Home provides a rich source for those keen to delve into the design aesthetics, concepts and innovations of prominent architects from around the globe.

Living in the Landscape by Anna Johnson and Richard Black

As urban life becomes increasingly more demanding, many people are choosing to build away from the city in a way that acknowledges and connects with the landscape. Living in the Landscape explores new and exciting relationships between landscape and design.

From the archetypal silhouette of the rural farm shed to Glenn Murcutt-inspired buildings designed with the philosophy of touching the earth lightly, the authors explore how landscape and architecture intersect. In an age where we are increasingly aware of our relationship with the environment, these breathtaking homes exemplify the possibilities of living with the land.

Massive, Expressive, Sculptural – Brutalism Now and Then by Chris van Uffelen

Vilified for decades as the stepchild of modernism, brutalist architecture is now enjoying a comeback. Massive, Expressive, Sculptural – Brutalism Now and Then – offers a sophisticated comparison of historical and contemporary brutalist buildings.

Similarities as well as differences are explored and analysed over 300 pages; showcasing examples of brutalism from the past and the present by some of the greatest and most interesting architects, this publication enables a profound understanding of this undervalued style of architecture.


Leading the world of design, architecture and art since 1928, Italian magazine Domus offers a veritable feast of insight, inspiration and innovation. Offering a diverse range of articles, awe-inspiring architecture and the latest trends in design, this beautifully compiled bi-monthly publication has far-reaching appeal.