A time for reflection - what’s important for your home space

A time for reflection - what’s important for your home space add

The pandemic provided an intriguing time to reflect on how we live and has many of us questioning what’s important on a fundamental level. Some people might have been chomping at the bit to return to the office, where others might have been wishing for the days of avoiding commutes and spending more time with loved ones to continue. Whatever your personal feelings are towards the recent events, it has provided an opportunity to assess what does and doesn’t work for us as individuals, and what’s important for us to live a satisfying life. So much of our time is spent in buildings which makes us question, do they provide what we actually require?

Words by Nicholas Mann and Michael John

The magic of the image

The magic of the image add

The porthole window of his Dad’s 1957 Thunderbird became a portal to a profession for photographer Simon Devitt. As a young boy on road trips along the East Coast of the States, he spent many hours looking through it at the passing scenery. “It was like a periscope that concentrated my view.”

Thriving in The New Economy

Thriving in The New Economy add

Mark Windust, an influential thought leader in the areas of sales, strategy and leadership, launched his practice in 2007 and has helped thousands of business leaders, managers and professionals to turn potential into performance.

Mark shared his thoughts with us on how to thrive in the new economy.

Defign Reads

Defign Reads add

In issue seven of Defign Magazine we showcased four of our favourite architectural reads. These architecture books make a perfect gift for the designer in your family and are the ideal addition to the coffee table.

A Walk Back In Time with GIB

A Walk Back In Time with GIB add

ADNZ partnerships are all about establishing long term sustainable relationships with industry suppliers and colleagues. GIB® has been a partner of ADNZ since 2000 but their history in New Zealand goes back much further than that, over ninety years to be precise.