A bold makeover for a Beazley

A bold makeover for a Beazley add

Sentiments like 'my home, my castle' and 'there’s no place like home' talk to the fundamental role the family home plays in reflecting and indeed shaping our identity. Hence why a renovation or build project plan for a family home must be led first and foremost by the personalities, preferences and priorities of the people who will call that environment ‘home’.

Walkable neighbourhoods

Walkable neighbourhoods add

Privacy has, and always will be, a highly coveted commodity when it comes to our living environment. For quite some time, there has been a prevailing stereotype that medium density housing is the antithesis of privacy and, as a result, it has courted some degree of controversy. But as the shift towards sustainable living continues, the many virtues of these residential developments are being extolled by architects and inhabitants alike.

An industry gamechanger: the future of prefab

An industry gamechanger: the future of prefab add

A tangible expression of innovation in action, prefabrication (or prefab) has reinvented itself time and time again over the course of history. With that said, the same governing efficiencies endure - excellent quality and design, timeliness of build, sustainability, competitive cost, increased productivity, and improved health and safety.

Where old world meets new world

Where old world meets new world add

When Jonathan Ambler of AD Architecture was approached by a dynamic husband and wife duo, Tristen and Rachel Saunders, about their adventurous ambitions for a holiday home, a fascinating journey lay ahead.

Photography by Jason Mann