Living Architecture

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Depending on who you talk to, the concept of living architecture can represent different things. Its genesis in the Art Nouveau and Functionalism eras earned it the appellation ‘organic architecture’, which emphasises principles derived from living nature. From a technical perspective, it speaks to the idea that innovation can take an otherwise inanimate object and see it respond to its environment.

Luxurious central living

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A true calling sometimes comes later in life; case in point is Barry Connor of Barry Connor Design. It’s just as well he settled on architecture after a hugely successful career in catering in the United Kingdom, because Christchurch’s residential landscape is the deserving beneficiary of his innovation. The outcome? Luxurious living in urban settings.

Creating with a conscience

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Sustainability is a concept that has captured the world's attention and imagination and passionate debate is significant amongst its devoted global following. Adam Taylor Architecture (ATA) proudly lends its voice and vocation to the cause, but never exploits the popularity of the sustainability phenomenon.

Reaching new heights of design

Reaching new heights of design add

The appetite for creating outdoor living rooms to provide families the room to grow and play, no matter the season, continues to grow. As does the desire to achieve seamless continuity between interior and exterior design.