A sixties icon finds its feet in the 21st century

A sixties icon finds its feet in the 21st century add

The sixties were a distinctive epoch, ushering in an iconic architectural typology and rooms furnished in the ‘contemporary’ style, heavily influenced by Scandinavian interiors and Danish design. Contemporising a sixties design with all its charming idiosyncrasies is no mean feat, but Colin Davis of Davista Architecture was up for the challenge with his ADNZ award-winning project ‘Motiti Reserve’, a major renovation project.

Down to earth design

Down to earth design add

Sustainability is more than just a fad, it is becoming firmly steeped in our consciousness countering the devil-may-care attitude towards our environment of times gone by. Notwithstanding this fact, there is still significant work to do be done for it to become a way of life. Designers/builders like Brenton Stockman of Gaia Construction are leading the charge.

Tiny houses, huge character

Tiny houses, huge character add

The Nook, aka a tiny house, is the brainchild of Grant Waghorn who is mitigating urban sprawl, combatting soaring house prices, and championing living that is friendlier to Mother Nature one small, smart house at a time.

Creating and preserving authentic culture in architecture

Creating and preserving authentic culture in architecture add

Preserving culture in artforms - including architecture - in a way that is meaningful, and enduring is more than just a box ticking exercise. It depends on collaboration and a creative dialogue to be exchanged between diverse contributors. These contributors come together to form a democratic, non-hierarchal and innovative community that is greater than the sum of its parts.