The Recycled Materials Movement

The Recycled Materials Movement add

While the use of recycled materials in construction is by no means revolutionary, the concept certainly seems to be gaining momentum. Combatting the mass-consumption habits endemic in our societies that have plagued Mother Nature, our landfills, and our conscience for far too long, this movement is grounded in the knowledge we can be smarter and more sustainable in our approach to our built environment.

Danish sustainability in action

Danish sustainability in action add

In the face of climate change and finite resources, urban densification is increasingly advocated as an important key to greener cities. Fortunately, the times where single family houses on large parcels of land dominated the mindset as the domestic dream are a distant memory, but the impacts on the environment still linger.

Dynamic developments

Dynamic developments add

The simple adage 'change is constant' frequently bandied about often belies the determination it takes to keep pace with, adapt to, and indeed capitalise on change, particularly when it comes to our built environment.

People make the place

People make the place add

The catchphrase 'people make the place' was devised to capture the sentiment that communities are the sum of their parts and are functions of the kinds of people they contain.