Urban Māori Rebuild

Urban Māori Rebuild add

The Christchurch Press recently sparked debate by asking ‘How Māori will rebuilt Christchurch look?’ This year Architectural Designer Amiria Kiddle will encourage discussion of how Māori identity can be expressed in the urban realm – as part of the Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA) 21-24 October in Christchurch.

Superuse in Architecture

Superuse in Architecture add

The radically sustainable practice of Superuse will be introduced to mainstream architecture and Christchurch audiences as part of October's FESTA - in the hopes it will catch on.

Photography by CityUps, a Studio Christchurch led collaboration for FESTA 2014. Images by Peanut Productions.

As is Where is

As is Where is add

The sale of 'as is where is' homes in Christchurch has become a common sight. Some are tidied up and turned into rentals; others are sought after for their land and a lucky number are being transformed and given a new lease on life. In this week's defign blog we share the story of an earthquake casualty that caught the eye and the passion of a local architectural designer.

Indigeneity is the answer

Indigeneity is the answer add

While benefits are gained from globalisation, the more we borrow from international design trends, the more our cities begin to look like we could be standing anywhere in the world.

Photography by The Designers Institute of New Zealand / Thievery Studio