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Defign Magazine Issue Five is out now. Here are the top reads defign magazine recommends for all lovers of design and architecture...

Character finds a home in the 21st century

Character finds a home in the 21st century add

Bringing a 1950s bungalow into the 21st century and future-proofing it for the generations to come is no mean feat. Unless you're Jason Higham of Higham Architecture. In that case, you'll not only make it look easy, but your ability to modernise an architectural gem from yesteryear - without compromising its character - will win you the Residential Alterations and Additions Architectural Design Award in the 2017 ADNZ | Resene Architectural Design Awards. And that's exactly how this story goes.

Waiawa Lane

Waiawa Lane add

"I think that's bold. The house has got a voice," says Insight Architecture's Matt Hodson. Indeed it does, so much so that passers-by regularly pause to take photos. Set well back from the road, it's the skillion sawtooth roof line and long 4m high north face of dark stained timber and glass that's turning heads.

Beauty off the beaten track

Beauty off the beaten track add

New Zealand has long enjoyed a love affair with rugged, handsome properties in off the beaten track locations. David Maurice of LTD Architectural Design Studio lives and breathes such architectural challenges and his 'Backcountry House' based in Puhoi captured the hearts and imaginations of this year's esteemed panel of judges overseeing the ADNZ | Resene Architectural Design Awards.