A tailored transformation

A tailored transformation add

Surrounded by bush, flooded with light, framed by warm timber and with views over a sparkling harbour, this recently renovated Nelson home feels like a permanent holiday destination.

Wooden Origami

Wooden Origami add

Its hard to imagine that this stunning Tauranga home that exemplifies modern design and the beauty of timber as an interior focus, started life as a Beazley home.

Village People

Village People add

The ability to work from home - and separate work off - close to the city, amenities, park and 'something a little bit different' was designer Campbell Johnson’s checklist for a home when he returned to New Zealand.

Te ara o Rata

Te ara o Rata add

Te ara o Rata translates into English as 'the pathway of Rata' or 'the pathway of architecture' and references the responsibilities and values that many Māori architects and designers adhere to from before a project starts and through its lifetime.