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An imposing coastal home which captures the essence of retro 60's modernism, Northcott Residence in New Plymouth is an incredibly beautiful home. Designed by Tony Biesiek of Imagine Building Design, the home was constructed using cedar, concrete block and anodised aluminum and is located in the suburb of Stranden adjacent to New Plymouth's world famous Foreshore Walkway.

The design brief was simple - to design a home that encapsulates the incredible views while fulfilling the owner's passion for 60's style.

"As a fan of mid-20th century Californian architects such as Richard Neutra and Pierre Koenig this was a dream brief, says Tony. "My bookshelves are chocker full with books on California Modernism and so this project was a natural fit. The design was nailed on the first revision and the final form is very similar to the original design with only the colour palette changing. The clients were clear on their spatial requirements and left the rest to me."

One of the extreme design choices of the build is the bright green accent featured on the exterior and parts of the interior.

"Full credit must go to the owner for the green, says Tony. "It took some effort on her part to convince me but I'm sold on the end result. However, the rest of the colour palette is typical of my philosophy - if the architecture is good enough you don't need fancy colours. The texture and contrast of the materials chosen should be the feature."

Situated on one of the best sites in New Plymouth, the building can be viewed from all angles, and as a result a big focus and challenge for Tony was constructing a home that was visually appealing from all vistas.

"It had to be beautiful from all angles, there was no way I could cheat or get away with a poor element or form, it was a major emphasis for me throughout the design process" says Tony.

The end result flows beautifully and is a testament to the overall vision and the dedication and time put in by Tony. The home has received much admiration including a 2013 ADNZ | Resene Architectural design Award. It recently sold for the highest sale price recorded in New Plymouth - proof of its undeniable appeal.

"Many reasons contribute to house values, however in this case I personally believe that quality bespoke architectural design has put a premium value on the house.
Combined with the incredibly stunning location, first-class workmanship and carefully selected finishes you get a pretty compelling reason why," says Tony.

The owners have sold in order to design a smaller residence and Tony is in the process of working through their latest design. Definitely one to look out for in the future we are sure!