Tiny houses, huge character

Tiny houses, huge character add

The Nook, aka a tiny house, is the brainchild of Grant Waghorn who is mitigating urban sprawl, combatting soaring house prices, and championing living that is friendlier to Mother Nature one small, smart house at a time.

Having been in the construction sector for two decades with his business Red + Black Construction, Waghorn has observed the unceasing appetite for bigger homes and the struggle for youth to get a foot on the housing ladder, each problematic in their own right, and both contributing to a tumultuous market.

Waghorn’s determination to educate on the benefits of smaller living environments and provide an opportunity for first home buyers to be able to build equity into an investment that is within their means, saw him conceptualise The Nook.
“We’d been thinking about it for a couple of years and it was probably the start of last year that we started looking into it and getting a design done and thinking about better ways to make it work.”

The outcome has spoilt consumers for choice with The Tiny Nook available as a relocatable home on a trailer or a permanent fixture on piles. “We can create a shell and work with the individual on what aspects they would want to see inside. Prices start from about $94,000 for The Nook on a trailer, without its solar aspects, up to about $120,000 with solar.”

Designed for off-the-grid living, the concept utilises storage tanks, and hot water and cook tops are run off gas, although permanently situated Nooks can come with a septic tank.

To date, Waghorn’s clientele has ranged from a Canterbury couple who wanted something to tide them over post-earthquake and purchased a Nook to live in as interim accommodation, to a client who made the investment as an Airbnb rental.
“The first couple in Canterbury had travelled a lot around the world on a yacht and were happy to live in a smaller space. The second investor was doing it solely for Airbnb and had anticipated he could pay it off within 2.5 years just doing that.”

To learn more about Grant Waghorn and his experiences designing The Nook and experimenting with its usability, register now for the ADNZ National Conference in Rotorua, running from 25-27 October. The conference is also open to non-ADNZ members.

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Find out more about The Nook here: https://www.nooktinyhouse.nz/